Stacy Herridge – 1 year ago. Andrew Kibbee – 1 year ago. Always buy used drivers. They were less than a year old and looked like new. They rate the clubs and their rating was very accurate. The only new things in my bag are the shaft in the driver, the grips, and two of the headcovers.

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After that the next thing on my road plan is lessons been many years since I vv10 had lessons. James Woods – 1 year ago. Ciaran Greaney – 1 year ago. Was a fan of the older version, and wonder how the new one performs. Golfbidder are a really good well run company.

I only buy second hand clubs now. Thanks for that test!

Benross V10 Drivers Reviews | Today’s Golfer

Forrest Lasher – 1 year ago. Let someone else take the hit as long as they have not been abused they should be as good as they were originally rated.

I want to believe that if I buy new golf clubs I’m following developments. This extra time trimqss practice and play has allowed my to bring down my handicap dramatically.



Rick Shiels Golf yes this year. I’m a 6 handicapper and have played blades for well over 10 years now. STU-Tyler Roethlisberger – 1 year ago.

Did you tell the fitter that was your plan from the beginning? Just now after two and a half years getting to the part of my game trimasd will require the next set, ie fitted to me. Always buy used drivers. Finding deals becomes a priority when you have a limited budget.

Dan Shanks – 1 year ago. Max loft around 13 degrees. In good condition as well.

Jordan Bovalina – 1 year benfoss. John McCormick – 1 year ago. They even sell an illegally long one cc so would love to see you try that one.

Now, i can switch shafts and experiment with both. As a plus handicap player its all about second hand as when your good you know what you want, shaft weight loft etc and there is really not a lot of difference. It probably will stay in the bag for a while. The money I saved I was then able to turn into a round of 18 every other week at the local public course as well as a bucket at the driving range once a week, sometimes more sometimes less.


There’s just no way to be sure. Just bought my second set of second trumass mizuno mp 32s and absolutely love them! When I first got back into golf after about a 12 year break I bought that bb alpha. Watch the best drives of the World Long Drive Championship!

I think it would be a good video idea to construct a budget golf bag everything from driver to putter including the bag and balls to show people that golf is not just a sport for the wealthy but for anyone with a few hundred dollars and the will to learn. A question I would like you to answer, if possible, is what is the difference between just a cheap putter and an expensive one? Anthony Reeder – 1 year ago. Might have a look at some 2nd hand frimass now after this.

I fell in love with that driver.