I’d go with the latter. I bought one and filled it with cat litter and is very unforgiving on positioning your stock in it. Thread starter crackshot Start date May 6, The stuff going in evidently has to have enough mass to allow gravity to pull it into the bag without having it stick to the side of either the funnel tube or the leather fill spout that is attached to the bag. It takes a lot of positioning and effort to get it set to shoot off of. Pros and cons would be appreciated. Simply the Tuff-Tec attracts a price-point and accommodates the shooters who might use sync stocks.

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I usually squeeze the rear bag with my free calfwell as I shoot to make precise adjustments in elevation. I don’t even use a rear bag most of the time for that. They didn’t mention what the mysterious stuff is, so I’ll see if I can get them on the phone.

I shoot a with a 1: It was a rather big typical looking shooting camo cloth double eared bag. I hope this was helpful in making your selection.

It was a nice try, but no cigar.

Caldwell tack driver bag

Anyway, I’ll check it out and report later. SEE ATTACHED Our design is superior over those others, because ours is a patented bullz design that grips the rifle, has a low-center-of-gravity, wide-footprint and weight and balance engineered formula, that is critical to accuracy and repeatability. My gripe was mainly that the bag was very heavyat least ten-fifteen pounds, although I forgot to weigh itand because of the weight, I didn’t like to have to yack it around.


Mar 22, Messages: Which is the biggest seller and why??? Manufactured Bench Rest Shooting Bag. No, create an account now. If you hunt, or shoot matches, you most likely will not be wheel barreling your caldwell rest with you.

The stock is resting calswell a small pouch and in that pouch is a small pvc pipe cut in half and some foam glued in. Why is the Tuff-Tec so much cheaper than the Suede,is there a big performance differance between the two??? The bag is an eagle becker patrol pack and I have some kydex type sheets slid into the sides of the pack, it keeps it fairly rigid if I take some stuff out and doesnt take up space.

Follow us email facebook twitter instagram Google Plus pinterest youTube rss. Anyone have a answer to who’s the manufacture of that shooter’s Bench Rest Bag? Modern Muzzleloader Dedicated to the modern muzzleloading hunting enthusiast. After striking out on filling the Uncle Bud’s bag with a light weight material, I think I will just refill it again with rice and buy another bag that is already filled, or just toss it into the trash can.

I have tried to call for the last 2 days, but always get a busy signal.


Manufactured Bench Rest Shooting Bag [Archive] – The Firing Line Forums

Jan 9, Messages: Sounds like it was developed by NASA. The adjustments on the Lead-Sled are handy to get the crosshairs on the target too. It might be the Bulls Bag. Also really nice people to deal with.

Caldwell my bags are filled with sand of some weight, better for reducing recoiled but they get very very heavy. Hunter I really like mine for shooting prairie dogs off the hood of my truck or a folding table. Originally Posted by mathman Hate and phobic are terms used to put a negative spin on distaste or dislike expressed in a contrary opinion. The bag is shaped like the letter “X” and has four individual spouts for each of the four chambers, and is similar in shape to the Caldwell Tackdriver Shooting Rest Bag.

To shoot on a rest to develop reload accuracy I bought Bulls Bags which grip the gun by pinching the midsection. Sep 9, Messages: If you have ever received merchandise in a box with Styrofoam filler, you might remember how the stuff stuck to the side of the box.