I re formated the computer, reinstalled Live and it now recognizes the audio,. You cannot post new topics in this forum You cannot reply to topics in this forum You cannot edit your posts in this forum You cannot delete your posts in this forum. Kind of a newbie and ready to give up.. Tada, It should work, I was recieving the same error message and now it’s been working fine. If you can think of any tricks, please pass them along! The time now is

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The above suggestion applies to WinXP but maybe it will carry over to Win7. Try uninstalling the drivers, restarting Windows and reinstalling the drivers. None of my old projects, even a brand new one won’t play without the message “Unable to open audio playback device.

DAW won’t recognize my audio interface…

All times are GMT I had configured the audio hardware correctly about 2 months ago but this just happened for no reason. Ableton is so overwhelming after using Fostex stuff for 30 years.

Failing to open audio device interface Posted: I cant seem to find fevice on it on the web, have you guys seen this before in type of setup? I reloaded the drivers at least 10 times and am ready to try and reinstall Lite but that has it’s own drama!


Wed Nov 22, 2: Page focusrife of 2. Go to your executable files for the Program your trying to run such as Appleton, Fruity Loops, Reason, etc Send a private message to FabianMuzik.

I’m a full time sound engineer and fairly technically savvy so this sort of problem really annoys me as I’ve just spent ot money on getting decent sound from my laptop into Pro-Tools on my mac only to find it doesn’t work?

Now, the only trick will be to make it work. They work on normal windows sound. Did you have them both connected at the same time?

Space Coast, Central Florida. I previously downloaded the new driver and tried to update my driver to see if it would fix this problem, but the system said the driver was the latest version If anyone can see the light please help me see it too Originally Posted by jimistone.

Ableton Forum • View topic – Failing to open audio device (interface)

I am also using a new Dell M with Vista Home Premium but am having trouble getting sound consistently to play. I’ve successfully loaded the PT 7.

In some cases you may need to start Windows with the device disconnected, install some software, connect the device then install the drivers. Find all posts by alex Turning wi-fi on or off doesn’t seem to matter as neither does the performance based tweaks in their trouble shooting list.


The time now is Hi There I am having the same issue when I open Aturia Analouge factory, and try to set the audio focusritf to the digidesign wave driver it throws up “error while opening “ASIO digidesign driver” bad device” Focusritf running vista with 7.

Find all posts by Roboteknic.

Ableton Lite”Failed to open Audio Device” – Home Recording forums

Thanks for the info Alex. Any ideas what could be the problem? Anytime a Windows sound would be made, I ghe lose Sonar, if memory serves. Hope you get yours going.


I tried to uncheck “Share Drivers with other programs” to no avail. Ableton failed to open both devices, although i installed the recent asio drivers for them.

I cant beloeve no-one seems to know about this