Latest virtio-win amd64 floppy. This seems to be an historical oversight and should probably be fixed. KVM windows guest drivers upstream code: Use virtio-block for disk and virtio-net for network. This repo is disabled by default. Only tested single processor, disabling mpbios wasn’t required but did reduce host CPU usage, as did disabling USB either via guest kernel config at boot time or via omitting -usb flag.

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Does not find the network after the installation during install is fine but disabling mpbios as suggested in 4.

This seems to be an historical oversight and should probably be fixed. Failure resetting PHY” but networking seems to still work.

Guest Support Status – KVM

Works well so far. By using our services, you agree to our use of cookies. In the iso file provided by Fedora Project drivers for different Windows versions are available, in several folders. Installed on standard IDE driver. Freddie by Thomas Schweikle Xompu. Used Windows settings.


Creating Windows virtual machines using virtIO drivers

KVM windows guest drivers upstream code: In addition, shipping pre-compiled sources is generally against Fedora policies. Retrieved from ” https: This repo is enabled by default. ,vm

Direct downloads are available for the. This repo is disabled by default. The builds may be bug free, development quality, or completely broken. By Krunoslav Husak h00s.

I followed the advice found here: If you need old isos for backwards compatiblity you can find them on the deprecated isos page. Windlws from FreeBSD 9. Stable virtio-win amd64 floppy. My qemu-kvm was already patched.

Used Windows settings for guest installation. SMP works, no need to disable mpbios anymore. Cookies help us deliver our services. Create account Log in. Crashes after “setting tty flags” – Jaco van der Schyff 4.

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Fedora VirtIO Drivers vs. Failure resetting PHY” but networking works fine.

If you previously used isos from alt. Tree used by gnome-boxes for automatic driver installation: Fedora virtio-win build scripts: Must install with automatic networking enabled, and login via the network to use it. A quite extended explanation about VirtIO drivers can be found here http: No issues in several weeks psravirt testing. Done with Linux 2.